Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Roberto Cavalli
Reveals Why Anna Wintour Skips His Shows.

Roberto Cavalli is certainly getting a lot out of his Twitter account. In a Baldwin-esque move, the Italian designer went on a rant this weekend tweeting about Anna, the only American designer he enjoys, and why he'll never be dull in the Twitterverse. Oh, Roberto! Have we told you lately that we love you?

Here are a few divine highlights! (We've left the spelling mistakes in for maximum pleasure.)

THE ONLY AMERICAN DESIGNER THAT I LIKE IS MARC JACOBS...! but ...just in the Marc Jacobs show !!! Louis Vuitton show is for old ladys

I confide you a secret... Anna Wintur das nt come to see my show in Milano ....... Why ?? becouse I dont do publicity in American Vogue ??

I canot use twitter ...just to wish GOOD MORNING or GOOD NIGHT To my friends...... I am not silly and banal !! I love to say my though

The italian fashion is the most creative !! and Dolce e Gabbana are the best !!| The italian fashion is book of all the world disigners

Fashion...is a big machine of money !! no creativity anymore ! In 50 years the books of fashion ... THEY DONT HAVE NATHING TO SAY ABOUT US

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