Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gucci Wins Trademark Case Against Guccio Gucci, Brand Founder's Great-Grandson

A battle royale went down in Europe this week—no, no, not the Olympics—and a victor emerged with the rights to the Gucci name.

According to a report in WWD, an Italian judge ruled in favor of the Gucci Group on Tuesday in an intellectual property case starring brothers Alessandro and Guccio Gucci, the Gucci founder's great-grandsons.

Gucci Group filed the complaint after Guccio's handbags and accessories firm, ToBeG Srl, "illegitimately" used the names "Gucci" and "Guccio Gucci" as part of its marketing campaigns and Internet strategy.

The Court of Florence decreed the marketing "determined an unfair association" between Guicco's brand and the real-deal luxury line.

The name "constitutes an act of unfair competition to Gucci’s detriment because the advertising materials of the defendant caused confusion with Gucci’s products and business activities and took unfair advantage of the qualities and reputation of Gucci’s products," according to the statement released by Gucci Group.

This isn't the first feud over rights to the family name, either.

According to Business Insider: "Previous victories include a 2009 case against Jennifer Gucci (former wife of Paolo Gucci, grandson of Guccio Gucci) who was operating a chain of Gucci coffee shops; a 2010 case against Cosima Gucci in Hong Kong, and one against Elisabetta Gucci, who was planning a global chain of Gucci hotels."

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