Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Red Paint Sales Soar 40 Percent as Women Paint their Soles to Mimic Christian Louboutins.

How far would you go to fake a designer look? Would you paint the bottom of your shoes red and tell everyone they're Christian Louboutin? Some women are doing just that.

According to a report in this morning's Telegraph, Homebase (the UK version of Home Depot) has seen sales of Duracoat's "Flame" and "Show Stopper"—both glossy reds—rise 40 percent over the past year. And they're attributing the spike to women buying the paint for their shoe soles.

"Many people tend to look at magazines to get the right paint color for walls and furniture," said Peter Rooney, a manager at a Homebase store in London. "But we've noticed significant numbers of girls color-matching tester pots to pictures of designer shoes in fashion magazines."

The idea of painting soles red isn't a new one—in fact, that's how Louboutin himself came up with his signature look. According to the Telegraph, the crimson sole was born in 1992 when Louboutin painted the bottom of his assistant's shoes with red nail polish.

Would you ever try to fake a Louboutin by painting your soles red? Tell us!

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