Thursday, 16 August 2012

Beirut overtakes LA as plastic surgery capital of the world.

Forget LA, Beirut is now the plastic surgery capital of the world as thousands of Lebanese women opt for plastic surgery.

More women in the Lebanese capital are opting for surgery, whether it be breast implants, botox, liposuction or nose jobs, than anywhere else in the world.

The demand is so high that banks have even started offering loans to women who are considering surgery. The National Bank offer 'plastic surgery loans' of up to $5,000 as long as women are under 64 and employed.

Maher Mezher of First National Bank says: 'You cannot find a job in Lebanon if you are not good-looking. People will reject you socially.'

The cost of surgery in Beirut could also explain this new phenomenon.

Plastic surgery is cheaper than in America, with nose jobs costing $2,000 and breast implants costing $4,000 - usually around $7,000 in LA.

Plastic surgeon Edouard Abdelnour told the Huffington Post: ' We've seen an increase in 'combined surgery' too in which I'll perform a breast enlargement, a tummy-tuck and a nose-job at the same time.'

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