Monday, 18 November 2013

Another Milestone:Designer Sheria Ngowi been Nominated for 3 Swahili Fashion Week Awards 2013.

Sheria Ngowi ,a Tanzania Fashion Designer who is famous for setting High Benchmark in the Fashion industry ,once gain has been nominated for East and Central Africa’s biggest Swahili Fashion Week.."The Swahili Fashion Week Awards 2013". Sheria Ngowi this year has been nominated for 3 Awards-
1."Designer of the Year"
Text (Sheria Ngowi SFW DY)
2."Best Men's Wear Designer"
Text (Sheria Ngowi SFW MWD)
3."Fashion Blog of the Year-Sheria Na Mavazi"
Text (Sheria Ngowi SFW BLOG)

PLEASE VOTE FOR SHERIA NGOWI and SEND to +255657884433 as many times as you can.

Or simply vote online by clicking this link:
Sheria Ngowi on twitter: @SheriaNgowiTZ or @SheriaNgowi

For more info on Sheria Ngowi visit

Thank You for your love and Support.
God Bless You All.

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