Sunday, 5 December 2010

Alicia Keys ‘Digital Death’ campaign BACKFIRES..

Some of the world’s biggest names in music are about to get their egos crushed in a major way. Read on to find out why.

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Janelle Monae have sacrificed their digital online life by quitting social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This was done for the Alicia Keys charity ‘Keep a Child Alive’ so that money can be raised for AIDS in Africa. The organisers have declared to fans that if they want their favourite celebs back online again, they will need to donate $1 million.

The ‘Digital Life Sacrifice’ campaign, which reeks of self-importance, looks like its set to FLOP in the most embarrassing fashion. The donation process is going really slow, and they are practically struggling to reach the half way mark. The reasoning behind the campaign could be down to the $10 cap placed on the minimum donation amount. It seems fans are not willing to donate what they would pay for an Usher, Alicia, Lady Gaga or even a Justin CD. As a result, celebrities are missing out on large doses of social media marketing. It also means it could be a long while yet before they may tweet again.

The $10 cap was a stupid idea. Not everybody has that and many of their fans are still in school. If everyone was allowed to donate $1, they would have reached their goal in no time. After all, their joined twitter followers stand at over 30 million combined. Just to save face, I would not even be surprised if these celebs donated the remaining amount themselves just so that they can get back online. The only thing this campaign did was overestimate ones popularity. You just know Justin is probably fuming because he can’t promote any of his movies right now, lol.

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