Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mario discusses Direction for New Album.

Mario is currently working on his fifth studio album, and he’s planning to make some changes. The 24-year-old previously stated that he no longer wants to produce the typical R&B joint but to put out songs that are more club driven. It seems like the talented crooner wants to follow in the footsteps of many R&B acts who put their original sound on the backseat to experiment with the ever popular electro/europop sound.

In a new interview with Vibe, Mario says his record label “wants him to just stay strictly R&B”. As an artist I’m guessing he wants to be less boxed so that he can pursue “that happy music between organic real music and mainstream music”. Or that’s probably his sugarcoated way of saying “I’ll still do R&B but electropop will take a front seat with this new album”. Hmmm…

Hopefully, his *ahem* commercial transitions are kept to a minimal. Unlike your Chris Brown’s, he has the vocal chops to do what he does best as the truth is, he’s an R&B singer, not a pop one.

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