Monday, 20 December 2010

Kate Moss Wants to Open a Modeling School.

Kate Moss is passionate about modeling, and she even thinks she could open a modeling school to teach others the "skills" required to make it big. It's not just about looking pretty, you know.
She explained: “I think I could definitely open a modeling school. Kate’s Modeling School? Moss’s Models? Put Moss’s Models down! Even some of the top models I know, they don’t know... I mean. One of my best friends is a beautiful, amazing looking, gorgeous girl, but she just sees it as work. She puts the clothes on and she looks gorgeous. But you need to see it as a skill. You can be the most intelligent person in the world, but it won’t make you a good teacher. I’m very short and I’m completely lopsided – I’m not like those perfect, gorgeous Amazonian Brazilians. But if you learn how to work it, then that’s it!”

Kate, 36, also warned aspiring models to prepare for the fact it is much harder work than it may seem. She added in an interview with the January edition of Company magazine:
Girls interested in modeling need to realize that its hard work. You can go to a shoot in the morning and not even start shooting until 10pm – and still be there at 5am the next day. Then if you still haven’t got the shot, you’ll have to go back the next day and start again!

“It’s not just a case of posing and pouting. It’s not just like, ‘Hold your left leg in your hand,’ There’s a lot more to it. It’s like dancing. I guess you need an eye for art, and also to get it into your head that it’s not you – you’re somebody else and act like somebody else.”

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