Friday, 10 December 2010

Wesley Snipes Hoping for a 'Miracle' to Keep Him Out of Prison.

Wesley Snipes has been told he must present himself to the Federal Correctional Institution McKean, a medium-security prison in Pennsylvania, by noon tomorrow to start his three-year sentence for tax-related crimes. Still, the actor is hoping to avoid jail time.

He said: “We still have prayers about that -- we still believe in miracles. So don’t sell me up the river just yet. Alright?”

The order came after a judge denied his bid to remain on bail while he waits for his appeal to be heard at the US Supreme Court, and Wesley admitted he is nervous about what will happen if his bid for freedom fails.

He told talk shot host Larry King: "I think any man would be nervous if his liberty is at stake. I'm disappointed that the system seems not to be working for me in this situation."

The Hollywood actor was originally found guilty of having "wilfully neglected" to file tax returns for the years 1999, 2000 and 2001 by a US court in April 2008.

While Wesley’s lawyer Daniel Meachum is also hoping his client will not have to report to prison, he explained the charges against the action star.

He said: “If he should go to jail the reason is that the judge imposed the maximum of the misdemeanors for which the jury found him guilty of which was the willful failure to file his tax returns on three different accounts.”

In November, Wesley’s request for a review of his sentence and a new trial was turned down by Florida Judge William Terrell Hodges.

He had appealed the original 2008 sentence on the grounds that some jurors were prejudiced against him, and objected to including Kenneth Starr, a financial adviser who pleaded guilty to fraud after acting as a government witness against him.

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