Sunday, 23 January 2011

Beyonce Hints She Was a Virgin Until She Met Jay-Z.

Beyonce Knowles claims she only had one boyfriend when she was a teenager, and their relationship never got too intimate. And she has never dated anyone else apart from her rapper husband Jay-Z, who she met in 2002.

The pop superstar told "People would be surprised as to the lack of experiences I've had. When I was 12 or 13 I had my first boyfriend, and he was my boyfriend until I was 17. At that age, that was a long time. I've always been very loyal and a little more mature.

"Though I was too young for it to really be a boyfriend -- we didn't live together, we didn't, you know . . . That was my only experience with a guy, and since then I've only had one other boyfriend in my life -- Jay."

Beyonce, who married Jay-Z in 2008, has revealed in the past that her friendships with women have stopped her from getting tied up in unhealthy relationships with men.

The singer, who was a member of girl group Destiny’s Child, previously said: “I think I am a feminist in a way. It's not something I consciously decided I was going to be; perhaps it's because I grew up in a singing group with other women, and that was so helpful to me. It kept me out of so much trouble and out of bad relationships."

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