Saturday, 8 January 2011

Chelsea Handler: People Still Think I'm Dating 50 Cent?

The Chelsea Lately hostess doesn't seem to understand the fascination between her "romance" with 50 Cent that may or may not be a spoof.

"People still think we're dating? No! Really? He's sweet, though. I love him, but we're not dating," Chelsea Handler told at a Comcast TCA cocktail reception on Wednesday night.

Handler seems to be getting a lot of comic relief out of the whole scenario, though -- she has repeatedly cracked jokes about their coupledom on her show, she tweeted a pretty scandalous picture of the two getting cozy in bed and she told Jay Leno "I call him Curtis when we're having sex."

Is it the real thing or not? It's hard to tell with Handler's strategic humor, but she does clear the air on one thing: "I don't know if I can handle him, to be honest. I like to have fun and I'm really trying to not get into anything too serious."

Guess we'll know how seriously to take her humor.

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