Saturday, 8 January 2011

Kardashians Sued for $75M for Breaking Kardashian Kard Contract.

The Kardashian Kard has caused all sorts of headaches for Kim K and co., and the troubles far from over, it seems. TMZ reports the gals are being sued for no small chunk of change ($75 million is a lot, even for the famous family) for pulling out of the prepaid debit card deal a few months back after reports surfaced that the card carried tons of hidden, and possibly illegal, fees.
Apparently the Revenue Resource Group, LLC filed a lawsuit in Fresno, Calif., claiming the gals breached their contract by pulling the MasterCard-approved prepaid debit card deal.

At the time, the Kardashians said they had no idea the card was laden with tons of fees until the Attorney General of Connecticut opened an investigation.

That doesn't seem to matter much to the Revenue Resource Group, which claims the sisters should have honored their 2-year contract. Now, the group is reportedly facing some pretty bad publicity -- and they want $75 million in damages.

So far, none of the Kardashians have commented.

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