Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn't Love Changing Diapers, But He Does It.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest strikers the game of soccer has even seen, an international sex symbol, and recently was the face and body of the Giogio Armani underwear line. He's also pretty competent when it comes to changing a diaper.

The Portuguese Real Madrid forward has opened up about fatherhood, after welcoming his child Cristiano Jr. into the world last summer. “Of course I change the [diapers]. It’s not the thing I like best in the world, but I do it,” said Ronaldo, speaking to the Spanish sports daily Marca.

What he does like? Thinking about the chances of his own son becoming a soccer great someday. “I would love him to like football, for him to be my successor, but we’ll see what happens,” Ronaldo said. “My son will be whatever he wants.”

Having his son (who's mother has remained anonymous) has changed the 25-year-old superstar. “Of course something like this affects you,” he admitted. “It’s a different type of responsibility.”

Still, he's taking his time in other areas of his life. When asked if there are any plans to tie the knot with Irina Shayk, the 24-year-old Russian lingerie model he's currently dating, Ronaldo remained cagey. “One day, you never know. It’s early.”

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