Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lady Gaga Reveals Magic Super Shades at CES.

Lady Gaga showed up to wow the geeks at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday, and she revealed some pretty awesome sunglasses during her presentation with Polaroid.
The GL20 Camera Glasses actually function as sunglasses and they have a built-in digital camera as well as a built-in screen that can display the pictures and videos you capture with the glasses to other people. The oversized sunglasses definitely look like something Gaga would design, and the concept is very cool.

"These glasses can be worn in public to walk around," she explained during the demonstratino. "You can take them to a night club. You can come to one of my shows and wear them to take pictures of me while I sing on stage. ... These are something that I envisioned many years ago.

"For those of you who have seen me live, when I did the Fameball tour, I made these glasses out of iPod screens that I strung together to create glasses that could play movies, and I thought 'wouldn't it be wonderful if these were functional?'"
If you're up to no good, remember to turn off the intermittent photo function, which will automatically take a picture at intervals set by the user.

Gaga originally partnered with Polaroid because she was disappointed that the company had discontinued its fan-favorite instamatic cameras. Her signature line of products are being released under the company's "Grey Label." She also showed off the company's new version of the concept -- a digital camera with a built-in printer to instantly print digital photos. The camera is designed to look like Gaga's beloved old school Polaroid cameras.

According to Polaroid's website, the glasses will be available later this year, but a price has yet to be named.
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