Monday, 17 January 2011

Natalie Portman Thanks Fiancé During Golden Globe Win.

Natalie Portman is apparently done with being secretive about her pregnancy and her new fiance, Benjamin Millepied. The actress took valuable time out of her Golden Globe acceptance speech Sunday night to draw Millepied into the spotlight as she thanked him.

After thanking both of her parents, and her grandmother Bernice in Cincinatti, she came around to her future husband.

"Thank you to Benjamin for helping me with this creation of creating more life," she said. Portman explained to Black Swan audiences that they might remember him from the film. "He's the guy they ask 'Would you sleep with that girl?' and he says 'No.' He's the best actor it's totally not true, he really wants to sleep with me."

Portman wore a pink Viktor & Rolf gown to the ceremony. It was embellished with red beading in the shape of a rose, and it was the first outfit she's worn in public that shows her growing baby bump.

This was Portman's second Golden Globe win. She won a Best Supporting Actress award in 2005 for her role in Closer.

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