Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Justin Bieber Doesn't Care if You Don't Like His New Hair Cut.

Justin Bieber is totally over his old hair style, and he won't be swayed by fans who feel betrayed by his decision to chop off those famously floppy locks. The teen pop star stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show for a surprise appearance airing Wednesday where he shows off his new cut.

Justin jokes with Ellen that his new style was "inspired" by her short-cropped hair before admitting that he'd seen the fan freak-out online. Devotees of Bieber's old hair took to Twitter Monday to voice their opinions over the new style. Bieber said of the reaction: "I was like, 'I don't really care.'"

Bieber then surprised Ellen with a very special gift -- a box containing some of his old hair. He said he's hoping people will be able to auction off the hair clippings to raise money for various good causes.

"I wanted to do something good," he said.

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