Thursday, 10 February 2011

Justin Bieber: Will Smith Is Like a Father Figure.

Justin Bieber already has Usher as a mentor, but he recently revealed he owes Will Smith for giving him plenty of useful advice as well.

He said: “The Smith family has been really amazing to me and really supportive in everything I’m doing. The family are just really nice and they are really good people.”

“Will’s definitely looking at different scripts for me and trying to develop stuff.”

However, he admitted the pair are yet to commit to an official project together, saying: “No, not at the moment. We’re just kind of looking at stuff.”

While Justin is an admirer of Will, the singer has a lots of fans of his own, and they came out in their thousands to see their idol at the premiere of his movie Never Say Never last night.

Speaking about the hysterical scenes, dubbed ‘Bieber Fever,’ Justin said: "‘Bieber Fever’ is everything. It's everything.

"I think it's my fans being really supportive. They made it up. At the end of the day, my fans are my everything, and they got me to this position."

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The only problem is that he looks like a girl!