Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tom Ford Required Non-Disclosure Agreement Before Fashion Show.

Now here's taking secrecy to a whole 'nother level. Apparently Tom Ford's uber secretive fashion show last season wasn't up to his level of stealth. This season, he required all attendees to sign a non-disclosure agreement requiring they keep mum on the show until summer. NDAs are the type of thing you encounter at places like Google or Wall Street—not fashion.

In this era of digital media, where fashion shows are streamed live as they happen and photos are up moments after, this level of mystery around a brand is refreshing and unique. But it also feels like an over-controlling stunt. Hoping your clothes don't get overexposed moments after a show is one thing, avoiding reviewers and forcing people to sign NDAs is another.

Tom may be trying to rekindle the aire of exclusivity surrounding fashion, but we can already feel the backlash brewing. What do you think, will these control measures help his brand or hurt it in the long run?

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