Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Brad Goreski Wants You to Brush with Style.

When Christian Siriano designed sponges, it was a bit weird, but seemed like a one-off event. Now, however, fashion taking on household products is getting a second wind. Brad Goreski, formerly of Rachel Zoe fame, has teamed up with Reach for their Brush with Style line of toothbrushes.

Brad is responsible for designing and naming two of the brushes in the line, while interior designer Celerie Kemble and former Domino editor Tom Delavan took on the others. Brad's brushes include the Jasper with a "classic angled neck" and a "Robust. Confident. Cosmopolitan" vibe and the preppier plaid printed Penelope.

What do you think, does your toothbrush need a redesign or are you a-ok with its classic look?

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