Monday, 21 February 2011

You Need To Know Fashion Supermodel-Betty Adewole.

Betty Adewole has only been with the models1 agency since November 2008 and has hit the industry with a major force. She has beautiful flawless skin, piercing eyes and legs that go on for miles. She has shot for the Bunmi Olaye campaign and has been in great demand for editorial shoots for top magazines. She has graced the covers of 125, Arise and ES Magazine. She has also modelled at ASOS, British vogue and Net-a-porter to name a few.

Betty walked in her first season of London Fashion week 2009 for PPQ whilst featuring in the presentations of Lp.Bg, Marcus Constable and Jasmine Di Milo. Her second season was another huge hit with a presentation for Mulberry and off schedule shows for Pam Hogg and Ramon Gurillo. As well as modelling Betty has worked alongside the charity organisers for Comic Relief and the BBC, and it seems there is just no stopping this British beauty.

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