Friday, 25 February 2011

You Need To Know Fashion Supermodel-Shawn Sutton.

Shawn Sutton’s exclusive spot at Givenchy’s fall 2009 show pushed the American to the forefront of fashion.

Known for his piercing gaze and chiseled jaw, Shawn embodies every ingredient of a top model in the making. With a unique face and the body of a greek god to match, Shawn has been photographed prominently for 10 Men, Ebony, Out and Vogue Hommes Japan.

He has been the featured in the campaigns of Barney’s and Nordstrom.

Red Models Management ‘s Secret Weapon is definitely the agency’s ability to bring something different to the fashion industry .

Once again they did a nice shot grabbing Shawn Sutton when he had the audacity to walk into the agency without an appointment . With his unique features , perfect body and feline eyes , Shawn is so rare .

At only 20 Shawn shows all the traits of a rising star , along with Jeremy Danté , I believe his great features and personality will help place Shawn Sutton high on all the right callsheets.

Talking about the Industry’s attitude toward models of black descent , Shawn said : "Some casting sheets actually said 'No Blacks,"' the 19-year-old model .

He was referring to the model castings at the recent men's wear shows in Milan. "It was pretty brutal and, yeah, it was racist," he added. "But things opened up a lot by Paris, so I paid it no mind."

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