Sunday, 20 March 2011

Anna Wintour Loves Chicken Pot Pie.

Anna Wintour is apparently a fan—a big fan—of chicken pot pie. Now, this might not be news to some people. But considering little is known about the most powerful woman in fashion, industry insiders are falling over themselves with this new info.

The revelation was announced in a New York Times article about the rise of the lowly pot pie as the new It food of the moment. All the top fashion PR agencies and designers like KCD and Calvin Klein are requesting it for their functions. Anna's private chef Hank Tomashevski says:
It’s Anna Wintour’s favorite dish because it’s quick to serve and moves things right along. It’s got everything you need in there, vegetables and a meat for meat-eaters, in one course.
Well of course, why bother with a steak and sides like in The Devil Wears Prada when you can have your entire meal in one cute little package? Anna doesn't have time to cut steak, she has an empire to manage!

Source: The Cut

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