Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sold: Kate Middleton's See-Through Dress Fetches $125K at Auction.

The sheer dress Kate Middleton wore in a student fashion show in 2002 went up for auction yesterday. Despite being the alleged reason that Prince William fell in love, it was only expected to fetch between $11K and $14K. But lo and behold, the dress drew a whopping $125,853 final bid.

No one thought it would ever go for that much, at least not before the wedding. But it seems someone in the UK is a huge fan of Kate, princess or not. Charlotte Todd, the designer, must be very proud of herself indeed! In fact, she's so proud of herself that she's contemplating a return to design school. The Cut reports:
Perhaps failing to fully realize that none of the appeal in this dress is the design itself, Todd is contemplating a return to design, according to Reuters.

Source: The Cut

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