Sunday, 20 March 2011

Beautiful Woman Who Has Overcomed So Much: Jennifer Hudson's 20/20 Interview!
(Talks Success, Family Murders & More).

On Friday, songstress Jennifer Hudson opened up on 20/20 and shared her tears and joys about her career, husband and son, and tragic death of her family.

Jennifer Hudson, whose sophomore album I Remember Me debuts next week, opened to ABC reporter Deborah Roberts about a wide range of issues including the murders of her mother, brother and nephew in 2008:

“God is what I feel certain about. No matter what he’s always there—always. I feel like that is the greatest gift that my mother (gave me)-that no money, no fame, no nothing could give you at all."

She also opened up about her husband David Otunga and son David Daniel Otunga Jr., who she calls “munchkabunch:”

“He’s so sweet. He loves to dance, he loves music. If my Weight Watchers commercial comes on he tells me, ‘Mama, that’s my mama!’”

And despite all of the pain and tragedy, Jennifer has still maintained an attitude of joy and gratitude. During her interview, she said:

“I have the greatest sadness to be sad over, but then look at the joy that I have too.”

Click Here For Her Interview:

It's good to see that JHud had been positive throughout the roughest storm of her life. She is definitely a superwoman.

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