Sunday, 13 March 2011

John Galliano's Lawyer Is Receiving Death Threats.

John Galliano's upcoming trial has just had another layer of intrigue added it it. It's been revealed that Galliano's lawyer of seven years, the man who will be defending him in court for his anti-semitic tirade, is Jewish.

Stephane Zerbib is sticking by Galliano's side despite the accusations set forth against it. For this, he's suffering through increasing hostility towards his decision—including death threats. Zerbib says:
''Some people call me anonymously, swear at me. There are always those people who make a fuss but it's very easy to judge without knowing the case.''

Zerbib, for the record, doesn't believe Galliano made anti-semitic comments during the fight and that alcohol mixed with drugs were the root cause for the events. As for the video, he says:
Of course it's appalling. But then you realize it's not in the trial for a reason. Let's just say that today this video is worth nothing.

Source: The Cut

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