Friday, 18 March 2011

Lady Gaga's 'Pray for Japan' Bracelet Raises $250,000.

Lady Gaga may be a little out there sometimes but, despite her eccentricities, you have to admit that Gaga has a heart of gold. In just one weekend, Gaga raised over $250,000 to benefit tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

Gaga designed a rubber bracelet with the words "We Pray for Japan" and is selling them for $5 on her official site. She appealed to her Little Monsters with this message:
Little Monsters, show your support for Japan with this "We Pray For Japan" wristband! Choose your price to add an additional donation with your wristband. All proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts.

You can purchase the bracelet here.

If you'd rather donate elsewhere, fashion company Fast Retailing is setting up donation boxes at all their stores worldwide, including Uniqlo, Theory and Comptoir des Cotonniers. Click on each store name to find a location near you. Also, check out Refinery 29's guide of what to buy to help.

Well, what are you waiting for? Donate now!

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