Sunday, 6 March 2011

Paris Hilton's Mom Wants Her to Marry Cy Waits.

Paris Hilton’s parents Kathy and Rick would never put pressure on their daughter to tie the knot, but they'd be “thrilled” if she settled down with current beau Cy Waits.

Kathy -- who has another daughter Nicky and two sons Barron and Conrad -- said: “I know that they’ve been dating a little less than a year and I think she’s waited this long. She adores him and I never ever ask or ever push that question with my girls because I got married so young, I never want them to feel pressure.

“Women today, it’s nothing to get married in your 30s or have babies in your late 30s or 40s. I know she (Paris) would love to have kids.

“Anyone that loves animals and is kind like that ... she’ll be an incredible mom. I was at Macy’s with her recently and there were 1,000 people there and the little children came up and she lights up. I could see babies and a wedding.”

Kathy went on to praise Cy as “the real deal,” and says she adores him for how happy her makes her daughter.

She added in an interview with “I like him so much. He is such a gentle person, such a sweet man and Paris really looks happy when she’s with him. He’s the real deal.

“We were all on holiday in Hawaii and Rick and I were sitting there thinking she looks so happy. I would be thrilled if he was ‘The One.’ I hope so.”

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