Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson Might Be an Item Now.

Rumors are heating up that Sean Penn and Scarlett Johannson might be seeing each other in secret. Just four months after her split from Ryan Reynolds the pair were spotted in Mexico earlier this week, far away from (most) prying eyes.

According to People magazine, the two enjoyed the warm weather in Cabo San Lucas and enjoyed a lobster dinner and margaritas. Anonymous sources have told that far from being a road block, the couple's age difference (he's 50, she's 26), is part of what attracted ScarJo.

"If she didn't have to return to work she would still be with him," an insider told the gossip website. "She doesn't care about the age difference. In fact that's what makes him so attractive."

Scarlett had to cut the couple's Mexican excursion short so she could return to LA where she's working on her latest film with Matt Damon, but it sounds like she's keen to spend more time with the Oscar-winning actor.

"He's exactly the kind of guy she wants," the insider said. "She talks to him every day and can't wait until she has a break in film so she can run away with him."

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