Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rod Stewart Hasn't Had Any Sleep For Two Weeks Because of His Baby Son.

The 66-year old musician and his wife Penny Lancaster, 39, welcomed their second child Aiden into the world on February 16 and the Maggie May singer admits the tot is keeping them both awake at night.

When quizzed on how the baby was during an interview with Absolute Radio Breakfast Show host Christian O’Connell, Rod Stewart revealed: “I’m absolutely knackered, I don’t think I’ve had any sleep for two weeks. The first couple of nights Penny said, ‘Well go and sleep in another bedroom, there’s no point in two of us getting any sleep,’ but for the last 10 days we’ve been together.

“But she’s great, I wake up in the middle of the night and she hasn’t had any sleep and she’s feeding him and smiling. I don’t know how mothers do it, I tell you, it’s just phenomenal,” he added.

With the addition of Aiden, Rod now has eight children but insists he and Penny won’t be having anymore because the “office is closed."

The singer -- who also has a five-year-old son with the former model and six kids from previous relationships -- said: “She agrees now, that’s it, you know, but I’m very proud of all my kids, they’re just tremendous. Most of them live in California, I’ll be going back there on Sunday.”

It was announced today that Rod will be headlining the Hard Rock Calling festival on June 26th in London’s Hyde Park. He is joining the bill of the music event – which is now in its sixth consecutive year – along with Bon Jovi. Rod is looking forward to the concert but is hoping it won’t rain on the day so everyone can have a good time in the sunshine.

He said: “I just hope it doesn’t rain, it always seems, when I do outside concerts, it p***es down with rain, so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. It would be so lovely to go and have a beautiful sunset, I’m just praying for it, but it’ll be a great show.”

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