Saturday, 23 April 2011

Angelina Jolie Lands Major Cash for Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign.

It's no big surprise the Louis Vuitton has chosen Angelina Jolie to front an international print-only ad campaign this summer. What is surprising: Jolie's astronomical fee.

According to E! News, Jolie will receive almost $10 million to endorse the brand. She has previously been the face of high-end knitwear brand St. John, although she was eventually replaced by flame-haired model/singer Karen Elson.

Other stars who have modeled for Louis Vuitton include Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Keith Richards, Uma Thurman and Jennifer Lopez. Jolie has avoided wearing much Vuitton on the red carpet—she tends to favor Versace and Armani for major events—but all that may change once she cashes that check.

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