Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Legendary Jane Birkin Auctions Namesake Bag for Japan Tsunami Aid.

Every woman in the world wants a Hermès Birkin bag. But what about a Birkin that was originally owned by Jane Birkin herself? If you've got the cash to spare, the legendary style icon, for whom the bag was made, is auctioning off one of her namesale totes for charity.

The black Birkin was given to Jane by Hermès' Jean-Louis Dumas and is lovingly worn. Jane doesn't believe in giving her bags special treatment, nor does she ever have more than one at a time. Some women have hundrds of Birkins, Jane has had four and she's giving one away. The lining of the purse is signed and the exterior is decorated with various stickers and beads—just the way Jane likes it. She says:
There’s no fun in a bag if it’s not kicked around, so that it looks as if the cat’s been sitting on it—and it usually has. The cat may even be in it! I always put on stickers and beads and worry beads. You can get them from Greece, Israel, Palestine—from anywhere in the world. I always hang things on my bags because I don’t like them looking like everyone else’s...A Birkin bag is a very good rain hat; just put everything else in a plastic bag.
The bag is up for auction on Ebay and all proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross to aid with tsunami relief.

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