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Tanzanian's Pride-Lady JayDee.

Since being crowned Best Female Artist in Tanzania in 2001 at M-Net's Where U At Awards, Judith Daines Wambura Mbibo, better known as Lady JayDee in music circles, has continued to soar. Binti (Daughter), her second album, was declared Best R&B Album at Tanzania Music Awards on August 6, 2004.
But this is hardly surprising for a musician who is fast getting used to winning awards since beginning to record music in 2000.
The video of Machozi (Tears), her debut R&B album released on May 11 2000, not only set standards in Tanzanian music and helped win many fans to JayDee but also went on to clinch the title for Best Video in East Africa category in Channel O-organised Reel Music Video Awards competition.
JayDee, who says she was inspired by artists like Whitney Houston, Monica, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, and Dr Dre, says she is "ready to rule the world".
"Out of faith I started singing in church in Shinyanga and, with the help of my two good friends-my mom Martha and my manager Ruge Mutahaba--I am blossoming," says the musician who began singing in a church choir at the age of seven.
She does not hesitate to credit God for her apparently good fortunes: "I wouldn't have got where I am today without the help of God."
The 10-song Binti may be proof of why Lady JayDee is the First Lady of Tanzanian Kiswahili R&B.
Some of the outstanding tracks on this recording include Si Wema, Siri yangu, and Usiusemee moyo. They are well crafted sentimental poetry, arranged artistically and sung melodically by the singer who was in 2003 nominated for Most Promising Female Artist category in the Kora All Africa Music Awards.
Jay Dee's clear, mellow voice and fluency in Kiswahili have won her numerous fans.
Her mastery of most popular genres of East African music makes her the most sought after sessions singer in the recording sector.
Having been voted the best Tanzanian R&B female artist in 2002, Lady JayDee was the same year invited to perform in the Kora All Africa Designers competition, an event that takes place the night before the Music Festival.
Born of Martha and Lameck Isambua Mbibo on June 15 1979, JayDee became a presenter at Clouds 88.4 FM radio station after completing secondary school and soon began recording music, starting with Nakupenda (I love you) in 2000 and then following up with Mpenzi Wangu (My love). These two singles registered JayDee as a talented singer when they went straight to the top of the charts of various radio stations in Tanzania. This success made her to give up radio presentation in order to concentrate on music. And the gamble has paid off, judging by her success.
After leaving Clouds FM, JayDee spent two years performing, touring and enjoying the achievement of Machozi before proving to friend and foe that she is not just a flash in the pan but that she is here to stay in the release two controversial hit singles, Usiusemee Moyo and Wanaume kama mabinti, in 2003.
While the former cautions women in love against deluding themselves that they are the only apple of their lovers, the latter is a scathing criticism of loose-footed men who depend on women without thinking about their future.
On February 1 2003, with the sponsorship of CRDB Bank, Tusker Lager and Twiga Cement, JayDee launched her second album, Binti.
Now, a year later, Lady JayDee has just completed Moto (Fire), her third album.
Out of the 16 songs she recorded, only eight made it to the album. Even then, she says, it was not easy choosing the song to be released as the first official single of Moto.

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