Saturday, 23 April 2011

Victoria Beckham's Pregnancy Cravings Revealed.

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham is several months pregnant with her fourth child, a girl. While we're bursting with anticipation over the sure-to-be-adorable baby clothes Beckham will undoubtedly choose for her next tot, stories are trickling out about Victoria's pregnancy cravings this time around.

UK tabloid The Daily Mirror reports that Beckham is snacking on Lucozade and candy: "She was shopping in Selfridges last week and stopped every few minutes for a toffee and a chug of orange pop."

Another source claims Ms. Beckham has a thing for toast and tea: "Victoria is having a lot of tea and toast with lashing of marmalade. She can't get enough of the stuff. Mostly she's been having it on toast, accompanied by lots of cups of tea."

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