Monday, 16 May 2011

Anderson Cooper to Host the CFDA Awards.

From army trenches to Haiti, the royal wedding to Lady Gaga, Andersoon Cooper has done it all. But is he ready for the fashion industry? We sure hope so!

Anderson is set to host the 2011 CFDA awards on June 6. There, he will be confronted with the task of entertaining some of the world's most beautiful and most talented, as well as some of the biggest divas in the world—Mariah Carey ain't got nothing on Naomi Campbell! Anderson will have to brush up on his fashion lingo, as well as figure out exactly how to pronounce Proenza Schouler. But we bet he'll do just fine.

What we want to know is if he'll go with a suit, or mix it up a bit with a Marc Jacobs-esque kilt!

Source: The Cut

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