Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lindsey Wixson Falls at Fashion for Relief Runway Show.

Poor Lindsey Wixson. At Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief runway show during Cannes, the teen model fell not once, not twice, but a whopping five times.

After the first spill, Lindsey gamely pulled herself back up and raised her hands in victory. But then she took another fall, and another—and another. We'd like to blame Lindsey's oversized ball gown or the shoes she was wearing, but unfortunately she took another spill in a second, more streamlined, outfit. So, we'll chalk it up to just nerves.

Oh well, it happens to the best of them. Lindsey wasn't the only model to wobble that night, and years ago, Naomi famously toppled over in Vivienne Westwood's sky-high platforms. Oh supermodels, they trip over their own feet just like the rest of us.

Watch Lindsey Wixson's Fashion for Relief walk

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