Friday, 27 May 2011

Michelle Obama in Tom Ford.

It has finally happened. Someone has worn Tom Ford and looked good—amazing even! Michelle Obama scored a coup when she stunned in a gown by the designer to a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Michelle looked sublime, to put it simply. It might be the best she's ever looked. The cream gown had a halter neck bodice that showed off her athletic shoulders, while the pleated skirt dress grazed her curves elegantly. A ribbon belt emphasized her trim waist and added a vintage vibe, reminiscent of Jackie O. Elbow-length gloves were retro chic, especially paired with her elegant updo and chandelier earrings. We're so glad to finally have a fashion-forward woman in the White House.

Bravo Michelle. Bravo!

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Huyu Mdada anapendeza kweli ingawa nafikiri kupendeza kwake kiakili ndiko kuliko mdaka OBAMA Jr!:-(