Monday, 13 June 2011

Tom Ford Got Hate Mail from Yves Saint Laurent.

We knew Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent weren't exactly bosom buddies, but a new CNN interview with Ford reveals the extent of Saint Laurent's dislike for his successor. To say Saint Laurent hated Ford is, well, to put it lightly.

Ford say that, in the beginning, Saint Laurent was supportive and even excited about him taking over at YSL. But his joy didn't last long. Ford says, "Our business was doubling and doubling and doubling, and when I started to get great press and the business started to become very successful, Yves became really quite hostile." Saint Laurent then began mailing Ford handwritten letters about his discontent. Ford says:
I have letters that he wrote to me about it, you know: 'In 13 minutes on the runway you have destroyed 40 years of my career.' I am really happy I have them—they are written in his own hand. When I'm 85, maybe I'll put them in a book—if anyone cares. We'd definitely like to see these letters, hopefully before Ford turns 85. Is anyone else as nosy as us?

Watch the full interview here.

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