Monday, 13 June 2011

Anderson Cooper Was Scared of 'Women's Wear Daily' CFDA Review.

Anderson Cooper has covered war scenes, natural disasters and royal weddings, but the thing that really makes him shake in his boots? A bad review from Women's Wear Daily.

At first, Anderson wasn't enthusiastic about hosting Monday's CFDA Fashion Awards and hesitated when asked to by Diane von Furstenberg. She reminded him of all the world events he's covered as a journalist for CNN and wondered what could possible be scarier than that. Anderson says:
What could be scarier than those situations? Of course, I said being reviewed by Women’s Wear Daily.
Luckily for Anderson, WWD gave him a rave review and a solid A mark. The breakdown of his final score is this:
a B+ for opening with self-deprecation; an A+ for immediately pulling the cute yet relevant card — a slideshow of endearingly embarrassing childhood modeling photos that exposed an 11-year-old Cooper with “Ted Koppel hair” in “superdorky” clothes looking like “a girl from ‘Little House on the Prairie,’” and a B for leaving us wanting more.
See Anderson, fashion people don't bite!

Source: WWD

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