Sunday, 17 July 2011

Justin Bieber Smashes Perfume Sales Records.

We're surprised, but not really. After Justin Bieber's nail polish line caused chaos among teenage girls, it was guaranteed his perfume Someday would do the same. But this level of success is remarkable considering Justin is a teenage boy making fragrances.

Justin's sweet-smelling scent has racked in $3 million in retail sales in less than three weeks. These numbers shatter all existing two-week sales of prestige fragrances. The previous record-setter was Beyonce's Heat which sold $3 million worth in a month. If Justin's sales number continue on the same trajectory, it could be the top-selling scent of the year.

These numbers are beyond phenomenal and its clear Justin's star-power isn't fading anytime soon. Tell us, did you buy a bottle of Someday?

Source: WWD

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