Sunday, 17 July 2011

Whitney Port Is Launching a Lower-Priced Line.

Whitney Port hasn't been in the spotlight much since the end of her TV series the City. Aside from a few red carpet events, she's had a relatively low profile. But come fashion week in September, that's going to change.

Whitney is hard at work on not only the Spring 2012 collection for her line Whitney Eve, but she also has a lower-priced line in the works. At a SuperDry store launch party, she told divulged some of the details of her upcoming collection. She said:
We’re working on a lower end—not cheap—but a more affordable side to my line. It’s going through some phases right now, we’re not sure what we’ll call it yet but I’ll launch it during fashion week.
We can't wait to see what Whitney's come up with!

Source: Fashionista

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