Saturday, 27 August 2011

Report:The Most Expensive US Clothing Store Is Oscar de la Renta.

In this day and age when the price on a handbag can routinely run upwards of $1,000 and no one bats an eye at a dress in Vogue priced at $4,000, sometimes we wonder: Which designer's collections are, on average, the most expensive? The folks at Bundle compiled data they received from Citi, tallying the average spends at designer stores around the country and came up with a final tally that indicates Oscar de la Renta is the most expensive store in the country.
De la Renta's eponymous store on New York City's Madison Avenue had well-to-do shoppers spending $3,217 on average during each shopping trip to the high end store. This isn't atypical considering dresses in his ready to wear line have price tags from $1,890 to $4,790 (his cocktail dresses can go as high as $10,690).

The other stores in the top 5 most expensive shops: Giorgio Armani, located just half a block from Oscar de la Renta, ranked second with an average receipt of $2,881; Loro Piana in Boston ranked third with $2,818, the very high end womenswear shop Akris also found on Madison Ave ranked fourth with $2,818; West Hollywood's Maxfield, which sells clothing from designers like Chanel and Balmain, rounded the top 5 with an average receipt of $2,258.

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