Saturday, 27 August 2011

You Need To Know -Upcoming Designer Christine Kissa Zimba ''Kiki''.

Her real name is Christine Kissa Zimba,also known as Kiki,Since she was a kid she had passion for Fashion.
She did try different things in life like journalism.But she had to go back to what she do best and love the most which is Fashion.

She started with a small boutique in Mikocheni area around 2004,One of the things that motivated her to own a boutique is that she wanted to set up a trend and made sure that her Tanzanian woman were up to date with fashion around the globe.

She can truly say that is one of the reason why her boutique is a sucess,she can't thank her Tanzanian woman enought for the support and love they have given her through the years.Since then she have never looked back.It has been a rollercoster but as she said fashion is her passion.So she's loving and enjoying every moment of it.

Well this year she have decided to come out of the shell.She have started her own clothing line called Kiki's Fashion,which so far is looking good.

All the best Kiki & Well done.


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