Friday, 26 August 2011

Uncle Karl Loves Puns, Names New Scent Karleidoscope.

It's been a busy summer for Karl Lagerfeld. Less than a week before his Macy's collection hits stores, the renowned Chanel designer has revealed plans to launch a new fragrance for women this September. Showing an apparent love of puns, Uncle Karl chose to name his new perfume Karleidoscope, explaining, "Karleidoscope reveals not only the diversity of a muse, it reveals the aura of each individual woman!"

So what does Karl think a woman should smell like? Featuring notes of violet, freesia and patchouli, Karleidoscope is said to be a "passionate" scent which smells different on each individual. Other noteworthy features include packaging that serves as an functioning kaleidoscope embossed with Karl's snazzy signature.

Intrigued? Pick up a bottle of Karleidoscope September 1st.

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