Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Perks of Jennifer Lopez's Dating History.

After spending seven years married to Marc Anthony, it only took a matter of weeks before rumors began flying that Jennifer Lopez had found herself a new beau: Bradley Cooper.

Winner of GQ's International Man of the Year award, and fluent master of swoon-worthy French interviews, The Hangover star's one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. If these two are in fact dating -- for now, neither celeb has openly admitted to being in a relationship -- J.Lo should take pride in her latest catch. That said, we still wonder how Cooper stacks up against the singer's formidable list of former loves.

When you look back at all of J.Lo's previous relationships, an interesting pattern emerges: each man in her life offered the pop star more than just love and affection. Though not always tangible, her former flings all filled crucial roles in the evolution of the American Idol judge. And while the jury's still out on where Cooper will play into this paradigm, here's a look at what we've learned from her dating history.

P. Diddy Gives Her Much Needed Street Cred.

While we're confident Lopez and Combs shared more romantic days during their two and half years together, the most talked about moment in their relationship involved plenty of legal pads, gunfire, and a paparazzi feeding frenzy. The date: December 27, 1999. The incident: the couple's now infamous NYC nightclub visit. While J.Lo didn't break any laws or wind up in court, she nevertheless got a serious blast of cold hard reality when her then-boyfriend wound up indicted on weapons charges. As the trial took over their lives, J.Lo had trouble dealing with the stress of the situation, and ultimately broke up with the rapper. Though, by living through the shooting and its aftermath, she gained a newfound level of respect amongst her peers.

Ben Affleck Makes Her a Hollywood Star.

Many will forever look at the years "Bennifer" spent together and recall two things: their failed relationship and the disaster known as Gigli. But South Park parodies and terrible press aside, J.Lo owes it to Affleck for paving her way into Hollywood. having never starred in one film that grossed over $100 million, Lopez would go on to become of the highest-paid actresses of the early 2000s. Her 2005 comedy Monster-in-Law has a 16 percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But having earned $15 million to star in the film, we doubt the singer cared too much about the bad reviews.

Marc Anthony Brings Babies and Stability.

Diddy brought the street cred, while Affleck brought a lucrative career in Hollywood. But it took husband number three, Marc Anthony, to finally bring some much needed stability into Lopez's life. While Combs ended up fighting felony gun possesion charges and the Good Will Hunting star battled alcohol and gambling addictions, Anthony didn't bring any real drama into J.Lo's life. Seeing as they're no longer together, it's clear not everything went according to plan. Yet, J.Lo will always have her stable ex-husband to thank for her two children, fraternal twins Emme and Max.

Bradley Cooper Brings A Whole Lot of Question Marks.

Through her previous relationships, Lopez has gained street cred, Hollywood recognition, babies, and stability. So really, we're inclined to say the pop star has captured all she ever sought out to achieve. It would appear she's ready to get back out, play the field, and get herself some man candy. Either that, or she really wants to learn French and the art of crafting perfect third day stubble.

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