Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Demi & Ashton Dunzo? Her Wedding Ring Says Otherwise.

Perhaps all the speculation around Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's seemingly inevitable split has been premature. The actress showed up to the New York premiere of Margin Call Monday night proudly brandishing her wedding ring despite all the rumors that the two are already living apart.

Gossip writers have latched onto the possibility of a Moore/ Kutcher split after Sara Leal gave went public about the night she says she spent with the Two and a Half Men star. Fuel was added to the flames last Friday when pictures emerged of a moving truck outside their home. The couple has not addressed the rumors publicly and has even maintained Twitter silence on the subject, so perhaps Moore's ring is her subtle way of fighting the speculation.

But even if Moore bats down those nasty rumors, she's now contending with headlines worrying about her weight. Us magazine has dubbed her "Skinny Demi" while TMZ called her "Skin & Bones" at the premiere. Joan Rivers even told the gossip site she sat next to Moore on the six-hour flight to NYC and all she ate was an apple with some water.

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