Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lindsay Lohan to Reshoot Nudes for 'Playboy' Before Heading to Jail.

Lindsay Lohan's due back in jail soon, but she gets to postpone serving time until she's finished posing naked for Playboy.

Apparently the powers that be at Playboy weren't satisfied with Lindsay's first set of nude photos, which were shot over the course of a few days in October. A source told RadarOnline, "The first pictures of Lindsay weren't exactly what they wanted so they have a new theme that they want to shoot."

Playboy reportedly paid Lindsay about $1 million for the full nude pictorial. Lohan's mother Dina claims the pictures will be "tastefully done," meaning they'll be airbrushed into oblivion. So far there's no word on what was wrong with the first set of pictures. Maybe she had trouble taking her fingers out of her mouth.

Once Lindsay reports to jail, she's only expected to serve a couple of hours at most, due to overcrowding.

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