Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker Offers Pearls of Marriage Wisdom to Kim Kardashian Types.

Sarah Jessica Parker isn't naming any names, but she offered up some nuggets of advice for those who want to, say, stay married longer than 72 days. The Sex and the City star, who's been married to Matthew Broderick for 14 years, sounded off about one of the keys to happy Hollywood romances while on a radio show in Australia yesterday.

"First of all, we live in New York," she said, meaning she's not in the middle of reality TV land AKA Los Angeles.

She adds (via Too Fab): "I suspect that we choose to live our lives very differently. We’re not terribly public and we don’t talk about our marriage a lot. We don’t share those kinds of details, we don’t offer them up ... maybe that’s something to think about."

And, perhaps Kardashian is now thinking twice about her oversharing tendencies. TMZ reports she just decided to abandon a publicity tour in Australia early and apparently it's because she's "distraught" over the divorce. Friends say she's telling them: "I need to take care of me now, and I can't work for awhile."

Does this mean she'll pull the plug on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for a while?

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