Saturday, 5 November 2011

Will Kim Kardashian Ever Find True Love?

Though it did last a whopping 72 days, Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries came to its startling and tragic end Monday. In the days since her decision shook the earth's foundation, the socialite has flown across the globe, given interviews in Australian (a language which sources tell us most English speaking natives can understand), and passed up on $150,000. All of this leaves us wondering: Will she ever find true love?

But first, yesterday's poll: After cancelling two shows in less than one week due to exhaustion, we asked if Rihanna should tone down her high flying ways. And while we would never want to stop a lady from visiting a strip club, we agree with the 68 percent of Zimbio readers who answered "yes."

But back to Kim K's unknown future. Long before the socialite wed her NBA playing man, we asked what would become of the two. At the time, the vast majority of Zimbio readers felt they would walk down the aisle together, only to inevitably get divorced within a year's time.

Oddly enough, while you were spot on in predicting Kardashian's failed marriage, the majority of you also thought the couple would have 2-3 babies together. But hey, you can't always get it right. And besides, for all we know the two may one day decide to throw another exorbitantly expensive wedding on E! and give the whole love and eternal bonding thing another go.

However, assuming they don't get back together and have children for the sake of reality TV, we want to turn back to our original question. While we have no doubt Kardashian will find herself another man sometime soon, we still have to ask:

Will Kim Kardashian Ever Find True Love?

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