Friday, 24 February 2012

The Academy Bans Sacha Baron Cohen from The Oscars.

Is Sacha Baron Cohen banned from the 2012 Oscars? Technically, no. But for the moment, the Academy has gone ahead and uninvited the actor from Hollywood's Biggest Night.

Deadline wrote Thursday that the often controversial comedian had been barred from this Sunday's Oscars. The reason? The powers that be were apparently worried Cohen would "hijack" the red carpet if given the chance.

The whole issue stems from a Hollywood Reporter story that claimed Cohen planned on attending the Oscars dressed up as his character from The Dictator. Apparently, the idea of seeing the star show up in full army regalia (see: image above) didn't sit well with the Academy. According to Deadline's Nikki Finke, the only way we'll get to see the comedian walk the red carpet is if he promises not to show up in costume and promote his movie.

So no, Cohen's not banned in the technical sense. But the Academy sure as hell isn't doing itself any favors in barring one of the world's funniest men from its biggest night.

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