Friday, 3 February 2012

'America's Next Top Model' Launches Fragrance.

America's Next Top Model
, known for launching the modeling careers of lovely lithe young women, has now launched a fragrance. The new scent, Dream Come True, was inspired by what it might feel like to win the show.

Hatchbeauty, the team of noses behind the ultra-feminine blend, stated, "If you were announced as winner of the show, it would be an optimistic, sweet moment... In thinking about the customer, we know she loves fantasy. That is what the show is all about."

Dream Come True combines fresh top notes of red currant, honeydew and pink freesia along with heady middle notes of Amazonian lily, plum blossom and empress peony. The bottom notes of blondewood, Tahitian vanilla, pink sugar and sparkling musk add sophistication and richness. The formulation, Hatchbeauty described, has "a very sweet, ethereal sensibility."

During the season finale in October 2011, Lisa D'Amato was announced as the show's winner and also the face of the Dream Come True advertising campaign. Going forward, future winners of America's Next Top Model will become involved with the fragrance, currently available at Target stores and select Regis locations.

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